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"You will pray in Spanish and Chinese" - Patriarch Sviatoslav's Lesson on St. Peter and Paul

Updated: Sep 25, 2019

"But at the same moment, at the same time, Apostle Paul was saying to us that [our Church] has a specific characteristic because it unites people not only of Ukrainian background or origins. We pray and celebrate the Divine Liturgy both in English and in Ukrainian.

Maybe tomorrow, following the spirit of St Paul, you will pray even in Spanish and Chinese, because we are Ukrainian church, but not a church for Ukrainians.

We are a church of Christ, with the universal message of his gospel, which is opened to everybody who wants to receive eternal life through the ministry of the bishop to proclaim the word of God, to sanctify the people of God with the sacraments, and to govern that church in the name of Christ."

-Patriarch Sviatoslav, Enthronement of Bishop Benedict as the Fifth Bishop of Chicago on the Feast of St. Peter and Paul, June 29th, 2018



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