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'Catholic Culture' and Identity Article Published in The Tablet

Mary of Egypt Fellowship member Julian Hayda recently published an article in The Tablet, an international Catholic news magazine based in the UK.

Here's an excerpt:

So while the US Church is experiencing a demographic shift, heading in a distinctly non-white direction, some of the most influential Catholic media outlets and groups most committed to propagating Catholic culture and identity in are actively whitewashing. Where they aren’t whitewashing, they’re demanding ideological submission to the extent that it’s pushing marginalized groups into their own corners, reaffirming that the only way for many people to be Catholic is with a caveat. This has led me to an alarming realization: in the US, Catholic culture is white culture. “Catholic culture” or “Catholic identity” depend on the erasure of everything but a particular expression of faith rooted in a specific experience: the default American experience, American Gothic, with a dash of Western European religious character. A white experience.



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